Original Petroliana Advertising Signs

Original Petroliana Advertising Signs
Atlantic Gasoline Porcelain Sign
650,00 CHF
Shell Voltol curved Porcelain Sign
720,00 CHF
Polarine Flange Porcelain Sign 01
850,00 CHF
Shell Pumpe, very old Tin Arrow Sign 01
1.200,00 CHF
AeroShell Porcelain Sign 01
1.270,00 CHF
Aral Porcelain Arrow Sign
1.750,00 CHF
Shell Benzine Porcelain Flange Sign
1.780,00 CHF
2.200,00 CHF
Avia Porcelain Arrow Sign
2.960,00 CHF
LION Gasoline Porcelain Sign
3.500,00 CHF
Benzin Torpedeo Arrow Porcelain Sign
3.700,00 CHF
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