Automobilia, Gasoline & Oil

retro advertising signs oil and gas
Texaco Sky Chief Tin Sign
15,00 CHF
Texaco Fire Chief Round Tin Sign
15,00 CHF
Texaco Motor Oil Old Style Tin Sign
19,90 CHF
Texaco Star Rund Old Style Tin Sign
19,90 CHF
Phillips 66 Motor Oil Retro Tin Sign
25,00 CHF
Shell Hot Rod Garage Metal Sign
35,00 CHF
Red Indian Motor Oils Metal Sign
39,90 CHF
Texaco Fire Chief Tin Sign Rusty 02
39,90 CHF
GULF Tin Sign Rusty
40,00 CHF
Texaco Sky Chief Porcelain Sign
45,00 CHF
Veedol Skater PinUp Girl 01
45,00 CHF
Shell from the Pump Tin Sign Rusty 03
45,00 CHF
Texaco Fire Chief Porcelain Sign
65,00 CHF
Mobilgas Cut Out Porcelain Sign
75,00 CHF
Esso - Vespa Porcelain Sign
190,00 CHF
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