Shell Oil Cans - Petroliana

Old Shell Oil Cans are by far the most popular garage decorative and Petroliana collectibles. The diversity that shell produced is simply limitless. Every country where Shell advertised its products had had to have his own style of the shell clams and the shape of the Oil Cans, but without ever losing the so-called corporate identity in mind.
Aeroshell Oil Can  05
90,00 CHF
Shell Huille pour Moteur Oil Can 01
290,00 CHF
350,00 CHF
Shell A-Cyl Oval Oil Tin 05
370,00 CHF
Shell A-Cyl Oval Oil Tin 06
370,00 CHF
Shell Old Grease Can 07
370,00 CHF
Shell Motor Oil, Prag, Czechoslovakei
370,00 CHF
Shell Double Oilcan, Australia 05
400,00 CHF
Shell Oil Pourer 01
420,00 CHF
Shell Double Oil Can , Australia 02
450,00 CHF
Shell Carburants Oil Funnel
450,00 CHF
Shell Oil Tin 32
460,00 CHF
Shell Vintage Oil Pourer 02
460,00 CHF
Shell Gear Oil Oilcan, Australia 04
480,00 CHF
Shell Black Oil Tin Gear Oil 02
680,00 CHF
Shell Black Oil Tin Gear Oil 01
750,00 CHF
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